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Messianic Psalms Quoted in the New Testament

A brief outline:

Ps.2:1-2                Acts 4:25-28
Ps. 2:7                  Acts 13:33; Heb.1:5; 5:5
Ps.2:9                   Rev. 2:26-27; 12:5; 19:15
Ps.8:2                   Mat.21:16
Ps.8:4-6                1 Cor. 15:25-28; Heb.2:5-10
Ps.16:8-11            Acts 2:25-32; 13:34-37
Ps.22:1                 Mat.27:46; Mk. 15:34
Ps.22:7-8              Mat.27:39, 43; Lk.23:35
Ps.22:18               Mat.27:35; Mk. 15:24; Lk.23:34; Jn.19:23-24
Ps.22:22               Heb.2:11-12
Ps 40:6-8              Heb.10:5-10
Ps.41:9                 Jn.13:18
Ps.45:6-7              Heb.1:8-9
Ps 68:18               Eph.4:8-10; Heb.4:1-4; 6:20; 8:1; 1 Pet.3:22
Ps.69:4                 Jn.15:25
Ps.69:9                 Jn.2:17, Rom. 15:3
Ps.69:21               Mat. 27:34, Jn.19:28-29
Ps.69:22-23          Rom.11:9-10
Ps.69:25               Acts 1:20
Ps.78:2                 Mat.13:35
Ps.78:24               Jn.6:31
Ps.97:7                 Heb.1:6
Ps.102:25-27        Heb.1:10-12
Ps.110:1               Mat.22:44; Mk.12:36; Lk.20:42; Acts 2:34; Heb.1:13
Ps.110:4               Heb.5:6; 6:20; 7:17, 21
Ps.118:6               Heb.13:6
Ps.118:22-23        Mat.21:42; Mk.12:10-11; Lk.20:17; Acts 4:11; Eph.2:20; 1 Pet.2:7
Ps.118:26             Mat.21:9; 23:39; Mk.11:9; Lk.13:35; 19:38, Jn.12:13

MESSIANIC PSALMS:  Ps.2:1-12; Ps.16:7-11; Ps.22:1-21; Ps.27:12; Ps.35:11; Ps. 34:20; Ps.40:6-8; Ps.41:0; Ps.45:1-7; Ps.67:1-7; Ps.68:28 to 69:36; Ps.72:1-19; Ps78:2,18,24; Ps.89:3-4, 35-36; Ps.93:1-5; Ps.96:1 to 99:9; Ps.109:3-5,7-8; Ps.110:1-7; Ps.118:19-29.

Psalms that are referred to in the New Testament

A more detailed List:

Ps. 2:1- 2              Acts 4:25-26       
Ps. 2:7                  Acts  13:33;         Heb.1:5; 5:5       
Ps. 2:8-9               Rev. 2:26-27; 12:5; 19:15       
Ps.4:4                   Eph.4:26    
Ps.5:9                   Rom.3:13   
Ps.6:3                   John  12:27
Ps.6:8                   Mat.7:23; Lk.13:27       
Ps.8:2                   Mat.21:16  
Ps.8:4-6                Heb.2:6-8   
Ps.8:6                   1 Cor.15:27; Eph.1:22   
Ps.10:7                 Rom.3:14   
Ps.14:1-3              Rom.3:10-12       
Ps.16:8-11            Acts  2:25-28      
Ps.16:10               Acts  13:35
Ps.18:2                 Heb.2:13    
Ps.18:49               Rom.15:9   
Ps.19:4                 Rom.10:18 
Ps.22:1                 Mat,27:46; Mk.15:34    
Ps.22:7                 Mat.27:39; Mk. 15:29; Lk.23:35      
Ps.22:8                 Mat.27:43  
Ps.22:18               Jn19:24; also: Mat.27:35;  Mk.15:24; Lk.23:34     

Ps.22:22               Heb.2:12    
Ps.24:1                 1 Cor.10:26-28              
Ps.31:5                 Lk.23:46    
Ps.32:1-2              Rom.4:7-8 
Ps.34:8                 1 Pet.2:3    
Ps.34:12-16          1 Pet.3:10-12       
Ps.34:20               Jn.19:36     
Ps.35:19               Jn.15:25     
Ps.36:1                 Rom.3:18   
Ps.37:11               Mat.5:5      
Ps.38:11               Lk.23:49    
Ps.40:6-8              Heb.10:5-7 
Ps.41:9                 Jn.13:18     
Ps.41:13               Lk.1:68      
Ps.42:5                 Mat.26:38; Mk.14:34    
Ps.44:22               Rom.8:36   
45:6-7                   Heb.1:8-9   
Ps.48:2                 Mat.5:35    
Ps.51:4                 Rom.3:4     
Ps.53:1-3              Rom.3:10-12       
Ps.55:22               1 Pet.5:7    
Ps.62:12               Mat.16:27; Rom.2:6     
Ps.68:18               Eph.4:8      
Ps.69:4                 Jn.15:25     
Ps.69:9                 Jn.2:17       
Ps.69:9b               Rom.15:3   
Ps.69:21   Mat.27:34, 48; Mk.15:36; Lk.23:36; Jn.19:28-29         

Ps.69:22-23          Rom.11:9-10       
Ps.69:25               Acts  1:20  
Ps.72:18               Lk.1:68      
Ps.78:2                 Mat.13:35  
Ps.78:24               Jn.6:31       
Ps.82:6                 Jn.10:34     
Ps.86:9                 Rev.15:4    
Ps.88:8                 Lk.23:49    
Ps.89:10               Lk.1:51      
Ps.89:20               Acts 13:22 
Ps.90:4                 2 Pet.3:8    
Ps.91:11-12          Mat.4:6; Lk.4:10-11      
Ps.91:13               Luke  10:19
Ps.94:11               1 Cor.3:20  
Ps.94:14               Rom.11:1-2
Ps.95:7-11            Heb.3:7-11, 15, 18; 4:1, 3, 5, 7        
Ps.97:7                 Heb.1:6      
Ps.98:3                 Lk.1:54      
Ps.102:25-27        Heb.1:10-12        
Ps.103:17             Lk.1:50      
Ps.104:4               Heb.1:7      
Ps.105:8-9            Lk.1:72-73 
Ps.106:10             Lk.1:71      
Ps.106:45             Lk.1:72      
Ps.106:48             Lk.1:68      
Ps.107:9               Lk.1:53      
Ps.109:8               Acts  1:20  
Ps.109:25             Mat.27:39  

Ps.110:1               Mat.22:44; Mk.12:36; Lk.20:42-43; Acts 2:34-35; Heb.1:13. Also: Mat.26:64; Mk.14:62; 16:19; Lk.22:69; 1 Cor.15:25; Eph.1:20; Col.3:1; Heb.1:3; 8:1; 10:12-13; 12:2; 1 Pet.3:22    

Ps.110:4               Heb.5:6; 6:20; 7:17, 21 
Ps.111:9a             Lk.1:68      
Ps.111:9c              Lk.1:49      
Ps.112:9               2 Cor. 9:9    
Ps.116:10             2 Cor. 4:13  
Ps.117:1               Rom.15:11 
Ps.118:6               Heb.13:6    

Ps.118:22-23        Mat.21:42;  Mk.12:10-11; Lk. 20:17;         Acts  4:11;  1 Pet.2:4, 7

Ps.118:25-26        Mat.21:9; 23:39; Mk.11:9; Lk.13:35; 19:38;     Jn.12:13     

Ps.132:5               Acts  7:46  
Ps.132:11             Acts  2:30  
Ps.132:17             Lk.1:69      
Ps.135:14a            Heb.10:30  
Ps.140:3b             Rom.3:13   
Ps.143:2b             Rom.3:20   
Ps.146:6               Acts4:24; 14:15   

MESSIANIC Psalms are quoted in eleven New Testament books, especially the Gospels and the book of Acts.

People did not follow JESUS just because of His miracles . . . they also followed Him because He perfectly knew the Old Testament:

(1). He could outfox the Temple teachers at age twelve (Lk.2:42, 46-47).
(2). He resisted the devil’s temptations wit Scriptures from Deuteronomy (Mat.4:1-11).
(3). He utterly confused the Pharisees as to Who the son of David is (Mat.22:41-46).
JESUS was/is the greatest Old Testament authority of all time.

Which books of the Old Testament does JESUS quote most often in the Gospels?

Consider the following:

PSALMS is the most-read Book in the entire Bible, and it is the one JESUS quotes most often.
The Book of Psalms is a collection of 150 songs and poems written to GOD. David penned half of them, and the rest were written by Temple leaders (like the sons of Asaph), wise men (like Solomon), and some unknown.

JESUS quotes the Psalms on many occasions:
(1). JESUS outfoxes the Pharisees with the Psalms on several occasions (Ps.8:2; Ps.110:1; Mat.21:16; 22:44; Mk.12:36; 14:62; Lk.20:42-43).
(2). JESUS quotes Psalm 22 while dying on the cross: My God, my God, why have you forsaken me? (Ps.22:1; Mat.27:46; Mk.15:34).
(3). JESUS fulfills Psalm 31, when He commits His SPIRIT to the FATHER (Ps.31:5; Lk.23:46).
(4). JESUS said that they would hate Him without a cause, of which the Ps.s foretold (Ps.35:19; 69:4; 109:3; Jn.15:25).
(5). JESUS quotes the Psalms when He spoke about His betrayal (Ps.41:9; Jn.13:18).
(6). JESUS speaks of the manna in the wilderness after feeding a multitude (Ps.78:24; Jn.6:31).
(7). When the Jews want to stone JESUS for claiming to be GOD, He responds with words from Psalms: Ye are gods (Ps.82:6; Jn.10:34).
(8). JESUS quotes Psalm 110 when Pilate asks if He is the SON of GOD (Ps.110.1; Mat.26:64).
(9). JESUS quotes Psalm to the chief priests and elders, calling Himself the chief cornerstone (Ps.118:22-23; Mat.21:42; Mk.12:10; Lk.20:17).
(10). JESUS refers to Ps.s when foretelling Jerusalem’s destruction (Ps.79:1-2; 80:13; 101:8; Mat.24:1-2; Mk.12:1-2; Lk.21:5-6). 

Something that we should consider: Since JESUS quotes Psalms, Deuteronomy, Exodus and Isaiah quite a bit, it would be a good idea for us to know them better.

DEUTERONOMY is another book of Moses, the last of the five. Deuteronomy wraps up the story of Israel’s wanderings in the wilderness. Moses calls the people together and lays out what GOD expects from them in the future, once they take the land of Canaan.
JESUS quotes Deuteronomy on many occasions in the Gospels, and it is the only Old Testament Book JESUS quotes when He speaks to the devil.

(1). JESUS sums up the law and the prophets with a line from Deuteronomy: love GOD, and love your neighbor as yourself (Deut.6:5; Mat.22:37-40; Mk.12:29-33; Lk.10:27).
(2). The Ten Commandments are in both Exodus (Ex.20:3-17) and Deuteronomy (Deut.5:6-21). JESUS refers to both Books when He cites the commandments.
(3). JESUS references Deuteronomy when He speaks of divorce (Deut.24:1-3; Mat.5:31; 19:7; Mk.10:4).
(4). He mentions Moses’ rule of witnesses when he outlines church discipline (Deut,.19:15; Mat.18:16).
(5). When Satan tempts JESUS in the wilderness, JESUS responds with Scriptures from Deuteronomy (Deut.6:13,16; 8:3; Mat.4:4,7,10; Lk.4:4, 8,12).

ISAIAH was a prophet who wrote about the coming judgment of both Israel’s Kingdoms, and the comfort that GOD would bring to His people in the latter days.

JESUS quotes the book of Isaiah several times during His ministry. JESUS quotes Isaiah to describe the separation between the people and their GOD.
(1). JESUS speaks in parables, fulfilling Isaiah’s prophecy concerning “eyes that do not see” and ears that do not hear (Isa.6:9-10; Mat.13:14-15; MK.4:12; Lk.8:10).
(2). JESUS turns over the tables in the Temple, referring to Isaiah’s words on how the House of GOD was intended for prayer (Isa.56:7; Mat.21:13; Mk.11:17; Lk.19:46).
(3). JESUS calls out the Pharisees and scribes for their lip service to GOD, honoring God with their words, but their hearts are far from him (Isa.29:13; Mat.15:8-9; Mk.7:6-7).
(4). JESUS refers to Isaiah in His parable of the vineyard (Isa.5:1; Mat.21:33; Mk.12:1; Lk.20:9).
His messages were not always well-received, but that should not surprise us . . . they were not popular when Isaiah wrote them, either.

But JESUS does not always dwell on the negatives. He also quotes Isaiah when describing how His ministry reconciles the people back to GOD:
(1). He quotes Isaiah’s prophecy that JESUS He would die a sinner’s death (Isa.53:12; Lk.22:37).
(2). His salvation ministry permits the people to be taught of GOD (Isa.54:13; Jn.6:45).
(3). He heals the blind and brings good news to the afflicted (Isa.61:1-2; Mat.11:5; Lk. 4:18-19; 7:22).
JESUS quotes Isaiah to highlight the separation between GOD and the people, but He also quotes Isaiah to remind people of the comfort GOD will bring through Him.

EXODUS is famous for the stories of Moses, the burning bush, the 10 plagues, and the parting of the Red Sea. It is the story of GOD calling Israel from Egypt and making them His own people in the wilderness.

JESUS quotes Exodus several times, usually referring to the laws GOD gave Israel in the wilderness, especially the Ten Commandments:
(1). JESUS refers to the burning bush when explaining the resurrection (Ex.3:6; Mat.22:32; Mk.12:26; Lk.20:37).
(2). JESUS quoted the Ten Commandments when telling a rich man how to enter the Kingdom of GOD (Ex.20:12-16; Mat.19:18-19; Mk.10:19; Lk.18:20).
(3). JESUS mentions the fifth commandment (honoring parents) when exposing the Pharisees’ and scribes’ hypocrisy (Ex.20:12; 21:17; Mat.15:4; Mk.7:10).
(4). JESUS spoke of the commandments against murder and adultery in the Sermon on the Mount (Ex.20:12-13; Mat.5:21, 27).
(5). JESUS quotes the eye for an eye, right before telling His disciples to turn the other cheek (Ex21:24; Mat.5:38-40).

Messianic Psalms

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