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Psalms Prophecy and Their
Fulfillment in New Testament

The following list provides the location in Psalms where each prophecy is found and where in the New Testament fulfillment is found:

Prophecy About the MESSIAH’S birth:

#1. The MESSIAH will come from the line of David (Ps.89:3-4, 29-36; 132:11-17; Mat.1:1)
#2. The MESSIAH will come for all people (Ps.18:49; Eph.3:4-6).
#3. The MESSIAH will know His FATHER from childhood (Ps.22”:9; Lk.2:40).
#4. The MESSIAH will be called by GOD while still in the womb (Ps.22”10. Lk.1:30-33).

Prophecy About the MESSIAH’S Nature and Name:

#1. The MESSIAH will be called King of the Jews (Ps.2:6; jn.12:12-13; 18:32).
#2. The MESSIAH will be the SON of GOD ((Ps.2:7; Mat.3:16-17; Lk.1:31-35; Heb.1:5-6).
#3. The MESSIAH is GOD (Ps.45:6-7; Heb.1:8-9).
#4. The MESSIAH will call GOD His FATHER (Ps.89:26; Mat.11:27).
#5. The MESSIAH will be GOD’S only begotten SON (Ps.89:27; Mk.16:6; Col.1:18; Rev.1:5)..
#6. The MESSIAH will be eternal (Ps.102:25-27; Heb.1:10-12; Rev.1:8).
#7. The MESSIAH is the Creator of all things (Ps.102:25-27; Jn.1:3; Eph.3:9; Heb.1:10-12).).
#8. The MESSIAH will be LORD and KING (Ps.110:1; Mat.22:41-45).
#9. The MESSIAH will be a Priest after the order of Melchizedek (Ps.110:4; Heb.6:17-20).
#10. The MESSIAH will be the Stone rejected by the builders (Ps.118:22; Mat.21:42-43).).

Prophecy About the MESSIAH’S ministry:

#1.  Infants will give praise to the MESSIAH (Ps.8:2; Mat.21:15-16).
#2. The MESSIAH will show that the Hebrew Scriptures were written about Him (Ps.40:6-8; Lk.24:4; Jn.5:39-40).
#3. The MESSIAH will do GOD’S (His FATHER’s) will (Ps.40;7-8;  Jn.5:30).
#4. The MESSIAH will not conceal His mission from TRUE believers (Ps.40:9-10; Lk.4:13-17).
#5. The MESSIAH will bring a message of mercy (Ps.45:2; 55:12-14; Lk.4:22).
#6. The MESSIAH will be angered by dishonorable practices by the Jews in the Temple (Ps.69:9; Jn.2:13-17)).
#7. The MESSIAH will teach in parables (Ps.78:2; Mat.13:34-35).
#8. The MESSIAH will calm the stormy sea (Ps.107:28-29; Mat.8:24-26; Mk.4:37-40).
#9. The MESSIAH will act with righteousness (Ps.45:6-7; Jn.5:30).
#10. The MESSIAH will come in the Name of the LORD (Ps.118:26; Mat.21:9; Mk.11:9).

Prophecy About the MESSIAH’S betrayal and death:

#1. Political/religious leaders will conspire against the MESSIAH (Ps.2:1-3; Mat.26:3-4; Mk.3:6; Jn.11:53).
#2. The MESSIAH will feel forsaken by GOD at His crucifixion (Ps.22:1; Mat.27:46; Mk.15:34).
#3. The MESSIAH will pray without ceasing before His death (Ps.22:2; Mat.26:36-39; Mk.14:32-35; Lk.22:39-46).
#4. The MESSIAH will be despised and rejected by His own (Ps.22:6. Lk.23:21-23; Jn.19:15-19).
#5. The MESSIAH will be mocked (Ps.22:7; 109:25; Mat.27:39-42; Mk15:29-32).
#6. Unbelievers will say to the MESSIAH, He trusted in GOD, let Him now deliver Him (Ps.22:8; Mat.27:31-43; Mk.15:30-31).
#7. The MESSIAH will be abandoned by His disciples (Ps.22:11; 69:20; Mk.14:27, 50).
#8. The MESSIAH will be encompassed by wicked beings (Ps.22:12-13; Mat.26:3-4, 59-65).
#9. From the MESSIAH’S Body will flow blood and water Ps.22:14; Jn.19:34).
#10. The MESSIAH will be crucified Ps.22:14; Mat.27:35; Mk.15:24-32; Lk.23:34; Jn.19:23-24).
#11. The MESSIAH will thirst while dying (Ps.22:15; 69:21; Jn.19:28).
#12. The MESSIAH will be watched by Gentiles at His crucifixion (Ps.22:16; Mat.27;29; Lk.23:36).
#13. The MESSIAH will be watched by Jews at His crucifixion (Ps.22:16; Mat.27:41-43).
#14. The MESSIAH’S Hands and Feet will be pierced (Ps.22:16; Mat.27:38).
#15. The MESSIAH’S garments will be parted among the soldiers through the casting of lots (Ps.22:18; Mat.27:35; Mk.15:24; Lk.23:34; Jn.19;23-24).     
#16. The MESSIAH will be accused by false witnesses (Ps.27:12; 35;11; 109:2; Mat.26:59-61; Mk.14;55-56).
#17. The MESSIAH will cry out to GOD, Into thy hands I commend my spirit (Ps.31;5; Lk.23:46).
#18. There will be many attempts to kill the MESSIAH (Ps.31:13; Mat.27:1;Mk.15:1; Lk.23:1-2; Jn.18:28).
#19. The MESSIAH will have no bones broken (Ps.34:20; Jn.19;32-33).
#20. The MESSIAH will be hated without cause (Ps.35:19; Jn.18:19-23; 15:25).
#21. The MESSIAH will be silent as a lamb before His accusers (Ps.38:13-14; Mat.26:62-63).
#22. The MESSIAH will be GOD’s sacrificial lamb for redemption of all mankind (Ps.40:6-8; Heb.10:10-13).
#23. The MESSIAH will be betrayed by one of His own disciples (Ps.41:9; Mk.14:17-18).
#24. The MESSIAH will be hated and rejected without cause (Ps.69:7, 9; Lk.23:13-22; Jn.15:25).
#25. The MESSIAH will be condemned for GOD’s sake (Ps.69:7, 9; Mat.26:65-67; Rom.15:3)..
#26. The MESSIAH will be rejected by the Jews (Ps.69:8; Jn.1:11).
#27. The MESSIAH’s very own brothers will reject Him (Ps.69:8; Jn.7:3-5).
#28. The MESSIAH’s heart will be broken (Ps.69;20; Jn.19:34).
#29. The MESSIAH will be offered gall mingled with vinegar while dying (Ps.68:21; Mat.27:34).
#30. The MESSIAH will offer up prayer for His enemies (Ps.109:4; Lk.23:24).
#31. The MESSIAH’S betrayer will have a short life (Ps.109:8; Jn.17:12; Acts 1:16-18).
#32. The MESSIAH’S betrayer will be replaced by a faithful man (Ps.109:8; Acts 1:20-26).

Prophecy About the MESSIAH’S Resurrection and Exaltation:
 #1. The MESSIAH will be resurrected (Ps.16:8-10; Mat.28:6; Mk.16:6; Lk.24:12; Jn.20:4-9; Acts 2:25-32).
#2. The MESSIAH’S Body will not see corruption (Ps.16:8-10; Acts 2:27-31; 13:35-38).
#3. The MESSIAH will be glorified into the Presence of GOD (Ps.16;11’ Acts 2:25-33).
#4. The MESSIAH will ask GOD for His inheritance (Ps.2:8; Jn.17:4-24).
#5. The MESSIAH will have total authority of all things (Ps.2:8-9; Mat.28:18; Heb.1:1-2).
#6. The MESSIAH will destroy all those who do not honor Him (Ps.2:12; Jn.3:18, 36).
#7. The MESSIAH will bring many people into GOD’S family (Ps.22:22; Mat.12:50; Jn.20:14; Heb.2:10-12).
#8. The MESSIAH’S enemies will stumble and fall (Ps.27:2; Jn.18:3-6).
#9. The MESSIAH’S Kingdom will be eternal (Ps.46:6-7; Lk.1:31-33; Heb.1:8-9).
#10. The MESSIAH will ascend back into Heaven (Ps.68:18; Lk.24:51; Acts 1:2-9; Eph.4:8). #11. The MESSIAH will give good gifts unto believing men (Ps.68:18; Mat.10:1; Eph.4:7-11).
#12. The MESSIAH will be exalted to the right Hand of GOD (Ps.80:17; 110:1, 5; Acts 5:31).

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